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Road Construction

Cottage A - ¾” minus

Similar to above, but no crushed material. Screened from bank pit run. Rounded stones from ¾” to sand. Similar uses to Granular A above, but does not pack as well.

Cottage A - ¾” Minus

Cottage A - ¾” Minus – click to enlarge

Granular A

Crushed from bank pit run. Packs well. 7/8” crushed stone and down to sand. Used for driveway top coat, roadways, under asphalt and concrete. A very common granular material used by both township and municipal road departments.

Granular A

Granular A – click to enlarge

Reclaimed Asphalt

Asphalt removed from roads and re-crushed. It can be used on roadways and is especially useful on steep hills to provide traction and prevent erosion.

Reclaim Asphalt

Reclaim Asphalt – click to enlarge

Winter Sand

Screened sand suitable for traction on snowy/icy roads. Available salted or unsalted. Used by municipal governments and private contractors, homeowners.

Winter Sand

Winter Sand - click to enlarge

Pit Run (B1)

Material dug from pit bank. Rounded stones from 4” and down to sand. No crushed material. Suitable as a base for driveways, roadways or parking lot.

Pit Run

Pit Run - click to enlarge

1” clear crush

Suitable for drainage, culvert bedding, backfill.


1" Clear Crush - click to enlarge

Coarse Pit Run

Material dug from pit bank. Similar to Pit Run, but larger stones, up to 6”. Suitable for deeper/wetter areas under roadways, etc.

Coarse Pit Run

Course Pit Run - click to enlarge

Limestone screenings, ¾” crusher run, 2” crusher run (imported)

Road topping material, packs, but will break down and adhere to shoes, tires, etc. Can be slippery when wet. Can be used on driveways with steep grades with good results.

Limestone Screenings

Limestone Screenings - click to enlarge


3/4" Limestone Crusher Run - click to enlarge


2" Limestone Crusher Run - click to enlarge

Shot Rock, 3-6” gabion, 6-12” gabion

Stabilization, erosion control of side hills on roadsides.

Shot Rock

Shot Rock - click to enlarge


3"-6" Gabion - click to enlarge


6"-12" Gabion - click to enlarge

Crusher Run 3/8”, 5/8” & 7/8”

Topping material for roadways, driveways, parking lots. Crushed stones and rock dust made from quarried stone. Packs very well, so especially useful on hills. Will not track or break down like limestone. Very durable. Provides a hard surface when packed and watered. Used on Township roads, District side roads and Ministry projects.


3/8” Crusher Run - click to enlarge


5/8” Crusher Run - click to enlarge


7/8” Crusher Run - click to enlarge

2” Crusher Run, 6” Crusher Run, Shot Rock

Excellent road base material, suitable for large fills, wet areas. Provides great support for road bases.


2" Crusher Run - click to enlarge


6" Crusher Run - click to enlarge

Shot Rock

Shot Rock - click to enlarge