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Product Information & Definitions

Pit Products

- Round Stone, Pit Run, Sand Fill, Sands, Gravel Products, Boulders

Excavated from the pit. Sands are brown or golden in colour. Stones have a variety of colours including greys, pinks, blacks. Stones are naturally shaped, with rounded edges. Any broken stones are from them hitting each other and naturally breaking.

Crushed Granite Products

- Granite Chips, Screenings, Crusher Runs, Clear Crush, Gabion, Shot Rock

Drilled and blasted from rock face in the quarry, then crushed and/or screened. Mostly greys and variations in colour. Stones have sharp edges.

Limestone Products

- Screenings, Crusher Runs

Imported material blasted from a quarry and processed. White to light grey in colour. Porous, lightweight stones that will break down over time.


Round: stones in their natural state with rounded edges.
Crushed: stones that are fractured by processing (drilling, blasting, crushing)
Crusher Run: crushed stone and the finer materials resulting from processing down to and including rock dust
Clear:only stones in the noted size, with no finer material. All stones have gone through the same sized screen and are of similar size. No sand or rock dust.