Product Information & Definitions

Product Information

Pit Products

Round Stone, Pit Run, Sand Fill, Sands, Gravel Products, Boulders

Excavated from the pit. Sands are brown or golden in colour. Stones have a variety of colours including greys, pinks, blacks. Stones are naturally shaped, with rounded edges. Any broken stones are from them hitting each other and naturally breaking.

Crushed Granite Products

Granite Chips, Screenings, Crusher Runs, Clear Crush, Gabion, Shot Rock

Drilled and blasted from rock face in the quarry, then crushed and/or screened. Mostly greys and variations in colour. Stones have sharp edges.

Limestone Products

Screenings, Crusher Runs

Imported material blasted from a quarry and processed. White to light grey in colour. Porous, lightweight stones that will break down over time.


Round: stones in their natural state with rounded edges.

Crushed: stones that are fractured by processing (drilling, blasting, crushing)

Crusher Run: crushed stone and the finer materials resulting from processing down to and including rock dust

Clear:only stones in the noted size, with no finer material. All stones have gone through the same sized screen and are of similar size. No sand or rock dust.