Round Stone

Round stone can be used as a base layer where compaction is not possible/desirable. Clear round stone drains well and can be used around foundations, for tile bed drainage, behind rock or concrete walls, under decks, under concrete pads, drainage ditches, French drains, around pools, etc. Round stone is not recommended for areas that will be walked or driven on as it does not pack and will shift under weight or movement. Split river rock is often used on fireplaces and walls. Sometimes referred to as “cobblestone.”

¼” Round Pea Stone

3/8” Round

3/8” Round Pea Stone - click to enlarge

2” round


2”Round - click to enlarge

3/8” Round Pea Stone

3/8” Round

3/8” Round Pea Stone - click to enlarge

2-6” round


2-6”Round - click to enlarge

5/8” round

5/8” Round

5/8” Round - click to enlarge

3-5” round

3-5”Round - click to enlarge


1” Round


1” Round - click to enlarge

5-8” round


5-8”Round - click to enlarge

*All stones from ¼” round to 5-8” round can be washed at additional charge*


Boulders are suitable for wall construction, entrance markers, decorative features in fountains, gardens, etc.

8”+ Round

2-3’ Boulders

4-6’ Boulders

Oversized Boulders

Decorative/Landscape Boulders/Feature Boulders

Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone - click to enlarge


Armour Stone

Walls, tables, benches, feature stones, retaining walls, borders

Armour Stone

Armour Stone - click to enlarge

Armour Stone

Armour Stone - click to enlarge

Granite Screenings

Layer underneath flagstone

Tri Mix


Contractors Topsoil

Under sod, covering over tile beds, seeded areas

Natural Granite Steps

Beach Sand

Sand boxes, sports courts

Beach Sand

Beach Sand - click to enlarge

Screened Topsoil

Gardens, lawns

3-6” & 6-12” gabion

Dock cribs, erosion control, ditch lines

3-6” Gabion

3-6” Gabion - click to enlarge